This is where the collectors of my original and repainted fashion dolls get to have their say... Testimonials to the experience of adding my dolls to their collections ...
And I thank them all for their comments and feedback.

"When I got back into my childhood passion of doll collecting, about a year ago, one of the first things I noticed was 'repaints', and for some reason, I just did not approve. Why mess with beautiful artist dolls!!! The other day, when I spotted your Ana, something forced me to check her out better. I now must apologize to those of you who do repaints. Ana is a masterpiece. I fell in love with her, and if I could afford to bid on her right now, I would. Thank you for changing my negative thinking. Your work is amazing." - MS

"I definitely am not the kind of person to try to "suck up" to people, and that's not what I'm doing when I tell you this....I just really want you to know that your work is absolutely my favorite. I truly cannot express just how much that I love your dolls--they make me feel a thrill and feel happiness when I look at them and play with them. They are all gems in my collection, and I thank you so very much for the opportunity to own them." - CM

"I love your work... I can't buy them all but I've never seen an LN doll I didn't like!" - AF

"I can't tell you how you THRILLED I am with her---wowowowow! What another Gorgeous girl, and I just can't get over how CUTE her haircut is!!!!! Thrilled. Utterly and completely ecstatic. No other words.....sigh. I know that I'm really gushing, but truly, I am just so very very happy with her and with all of my repaints from you...they are truly masterpieces and favorites in my collection." - CM

"I have to say the one surprising thing I feel when I look at your dolls is how much prettier they are in person. Your photos are great, but the dolls themselves are such treasures." - OZ

"Oh LN... she is just soooooooooooo beautiful~!! As good as your pics always are, they just don't do your dolls justice. I love her~!! Thank you a million times! :-)" - CP

"She is lovely, really sweet face. I like this sculpt very much but I hadn't kept one because I didn't care for her factory makeup. Now, with your touch, she is perfect. Really beautiful girl. I love her and am thrilled that she is living with me." - AF

"(She) is already ruling the roost. Truly, she has already melted my heart. Her eyes - absolutely mesmerizing. I've been wanting a Miss Gulch repaint and I'm so glad I waited for yours." - DH

"when i opened up the box i thought i was going to see a GREAT looking doll. Instead i saw a BEAUTIFUL little person." - DK

" She looks just like her pictures, except that only in real life can you fully appreciate the subtle blending of color and the lifelike glow." - LF

"She arrived today - Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Coloring is perfect - Her eyes are incredible.... I LOVE her.... Thank you so much!" - SB

"...I tore open the box but there was no doll...I swear there was no doll because there was a tiny person inside! A beautiful, African American woman with the most soulful eyes you ever saw! Ellen, Kendra is truly beautiful. She looks so real and even her hair is very realistic." - LN

"Thanks so much for such a special doll; she is one of the most beautifully repainted dolls I own." - JK

"Dakarai is my favorite doll, and she's sitting here amidst a crowd of Cindy Gays, Laurie Leighs, Adrians, Jezebels... honey, for heaven's sake, DON'T STOP!" - ML
(Boy, there is nothing like comparing my work to the best and my favorite repainters to touch my heart!!)

"Fantastic! Ellen's repaint work is impeccable and beautiful! Absolutely A+!" - MH

"Fontana is here and she is gorgeous!!! She is even better in person, and I didn't think that was possible!"- AB

"You are an artist with a magical talent! They look like real people when you're finished, not dolls." - MG

"Ellen, I need to also tell you this. I love your dolls and I have looked at a number of ooak dolls on ebay and the internet in general, but I have to say your work stands above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Your dolls are like looking at a (Maxfield) Parrish, when you see one, you know it’s a Parrish. I see Fox prints (painted like Parrish...) and think "Nice, but not a Parrish". I see other dolls now and think "Nice, but not an Ellen". I really love your work…. It makes me happy!" - TBV

"Awesome" - KA

"Another stunning repaint!" - KR

"Beautiful, wonderful...a perfect artist!! A wonderful addition to my collection." - LS

"OMG! My little boy is absolutely adorable! What a face!!! I love him!!Thnx!" - RO

"What a Gorgeous Repaint!" - LC

"What an amazing little angel! Ellen's talent is INCREDIBLE!!! Unsurpassed... " - TBV

"Absolutely exquisite repaint, as always! Ellen's work is superb!" - RH

"Are you sure that this is the same doll you had up on eBay, because this doll is EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....And I REALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR ANOTHER ELLEN HARRIS REPAINT!!!" - JW

"I received my gorgeous doll "Mira"...and as usual, I am blown away by the detail and perfection of your work. No matter how small the features, the quality of your painting is still absolutely flawless! I am truly in awe of your talent, and yes you can consider me one of your biggest doll fan!

“Tasha is here!!!!!!!! She is soooooooo perfect!! I just love her! ... I always know where to get more beautiful dolls!! They truly are soon as I get one...I want more.”

“She is truly just breathtaking. Everything about her is wonderful. I love her hair, her eyes, her lips...everything. The picture didn't do her justice. She is just so lovely, I don't really have the words to describe how much admire the artistry you've displayed in doing this doll.”

“I could hardly wait to get home today and tear into my package. She is so incredibly beautiful! I wish I had more original words to describe my joy in receiving her! Thank you so very much, Ellen. You are truly unsurpassed as a repainter and artist. I love all the detail in her eyes and brows, the hair you painted in at the hairline (how wonderful!) the wonderful gloss and color of her lips and nails, her eyeshadow... EVERYTHING!!!”

“Kitty arrived yesterday, safe and sound. I estimate that I have approximately 300 dolls of various varieties. Only twice have I gotten teary-eyed upon opening a doll box. The first was a bride doll by Robert Tonner and the second time was yesterday. I cannot begin to describe to you how happy I am with her. She is still standing in the dining room so that I get to see her every time I pass by. Even my husband commented that she looks like a real person. You truly are a talented and gifted artist.”

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